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Originally Posted by halfacop View Post
I have no idea why a move like that would be attempted when it clearly does no offer any benefit. Just my opinion - but I would be pushing to make a move back to the SO. Use the time and effort to make improvements there instead of trying to reinvent / fix something that most likely wasn't broke to begin with...
The only "benefit" (only to the pencil-pushing purse-string holders) is that they can hire more unprofessional people, train them less, and pay them accordingly.

I'm in Public Works. Not only do I have to do AC, I also have to mess with water, sewer, streets, drainage, mowing, weed spraying, sign and banner hanging, Christmas decorations...I could go on and on. When an animal issue comes up, it often has to wait until I'm done with whatever other chore I'm stuck on. I have no law enforcement authority whatsoever, can't even write a citation. Training? Zip. Appearance? I wear the same uniform as other sewer workers, meter readers, and the city hall janitor. And the worst thing, my department head didn't go to college and get his Civil Engineering degree in the hopes that someday he'd be in charge of the dogcatcher. Neither he, nor anybody else upstairs cares about the animal control.
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