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Let me ask you.... What are you struggling with in regards to this issue?

I have worked with 2 different agencies. 1 with the Sheriff Department and my current gig which is under the Department of Public Safety. I interviewed with an agency once that was ran under the Board of Health and ran away as fast as I could after my interview.

The biggest pro to being combined with a "law Enforcement" agency is that you have Enforcement minded individuals running the show. Animal Control is an enforcement division and should be treated as such.

Your more likely to have some of the "correct" tools to do your job if your working with a enforcment agency. Notice I say WITH - that is how it should work. Obviously several agencies have ACO's in their ranks and treat them like ****, it doesnt have to be this way...

A progressive department will utilize their ACO's as much as possible and tool them to do the job correctly.
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