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Originally Posted by Getting too old View Post
As I recall, our state law prohibits red lights except on emergency vehicles (police and fire).

I have opted for no light bar because the top of a deerskin unit is 1/8 steel, and I can climb my fat self on top of the truck without it even flexing. A light bar would be in the way. I use it as a scaffold for getting things out of trees, putting up misting hoses for outdoor events or hanging banners on the front of the building.

Do you like the deerskin stainless steal trucks? I find that with and extended cab and the extra storage unit on the back that they are way too long and too heavy... Feels like driving a bus. I always try to drive the ugliest truck we have. The single cab "high boy". Sure it says "dog catcher" all over it when you show up in a truck with two levels of puppy storage but they are fast and short allowing me to flip around really quick if needed while chasing a dog. The A/C is ice cold and the radio works great meeting all my needs in one truck. The other ACO's like the newer trucks so there really is no problem with me getting "my" truck. But by this time next year there will not be anymore of the "high boys". We are slowly retiring them all. I better get used to the buses....

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