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I don't qualify for the closed sections of the forum -- I just figured you all had gotten pretty quiet sometimes (although it doesn't seem all THAT long since there was a bit of back-and-forth out here?!?!). I would try clicking on one of the links in a message from A. Giannotto (sorry if that's not spelled perfectly). I think she is one of the moderators and owners, maybe the sole one now? She should be able to at least update on what went on -- I would have posted an announcement to let folks know that things were migrating, if it were me.

So you folks on the FB group(s), does this mean that non-ACO/HLEs are no longer to be part of the community? Obviously I think that's a sad development. Sometimes it can be really helpful to have a fresh perspective and I've often learned a lot from folks on here.

VERY disappointed!
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