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When talking about computers, at my old city, when they built the new shelter they ordered new computers to go with it. When they arrived, they decided PD needed them more than we did so they kept them and gave us a couple of their old dregs. After PD upgraded theirs (for the second time), they cleaned off the ones originally bought for the shelter and gave them to us. At that point they were around 7 years old, so they were problems from day one, and after PDís next upgrade they gave us more hand me downs.

Those hand me downs were built to run off of a server, so they only had 8 gig drives in them, and just loading Office and the operations software almost filled them up, so they finally bought me an actual new computer of my very own.

At this city, our shelter is the only municipal building with no break room or lockers. We display small animals in the laundry room, and we have dogs and cats in the same room, often in the same cage bank. On the other hand, the new FD they just opened yesterday has big screen TVs mounted on the walls, leather furniture and a state of the art kitchen that will rival any restaurant in town.

Sort of lets you know where youíre at in the family tree donít it.
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