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Default More dead spammers

masterts3 - spam nuke delivered. Not another russian!!!

"" even his email was spammish. I will be so glad when the software for this board allows mass block of internet extensions. anything with RU or .info should be whacked....

DressKoder - Nope don't need your anti-spyware program that IS spyware!!!

isasckos45 - don't know what your "gold member" was but right now its gone gone gone!

New Name - A UK spammer. A nice change from all the russians. In the spirit of international relations - YOU HAVE BEEN DELETED!

phenhere - is now phen-no-where. Take your drugs and thugs and get spammed!

Grenuychik - you were "drive cleaned" yourself. Take your spam and have a sandwich!

tomgabks - You were a "google trader" but have just been traded to the electronic rejects brigade where you can fearlessly lead your fellow spammers to their doom...

FunnyTunes83 = if we had wanted ring tones we would have ordered them from our cell companies. CALL DROPPED!

ClubCont - no SPAM cafe software needed here. I'll make your order "to go"!

hottab - sport from Paris. Hmm you have been deported!

Zepelamen - It only took ONE TRY instead of a few to eliminate YOU!
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