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Bluey 09-30-2015 04:41 AM

Gday Guys
I haven't dropped in here in a long time. I was just wondering how you are all doing and just wanted to say Gday from Downunder to those that may remember me.

For those that don't know me I used to be one of you and still hold you all in high esteem.

Anyway stay safe and good luck with life and your careers



Bluey 09-30-2015 04:42 AM

Bugger me it has been 3 yrs since I have been on here. Jeez doesnt time fly

halfacop 09-30-2015 11:22 AM

Yes it does fly by...

Unfortunately this sight is damn near dead. Hardly anyone stops by here anymore as they have almost all converted to the Face Book Humane Page. Its a nice way to chat and communicate but I have never preferred it to utilizing a forum such as this.

Forums allow a much easier search engine for looking up items already discussed, pictures, etc.

I'm honestly surprised that whom ever is running this forum has not shut it down due to inactivity and participation.

So whatchya up to these days? Obviously out of the ACO business and into something else..

Bluey 09-30-2015 07:47 PM

Its a shame if this forum is dying. Used to be a good source of info and help to me.

I traded enforcement in to run my own gardening and landscaping business. Should have done it years ago. No more aggression from idiots and everyone thanks you. Stress is minimal

I still miss enforcement though. Was always full on.

acofred 10-09-2015 08:41 AM

I do still find the newsbot feature handy, for finding and posting animal and animal control-related news items...

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