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A. Gianotto 06-21-2005 10:24 PM

Can't get into the ACO Members Only forums?
Tried posting in the ACO Members Only forums and received the "Special Access" area message?

This is meant to be a place where professional opinions can be exchanged in relative privacy. There is a public section for Ask the ACO and other features.

If you are an ACO/HLEO and you wish to gain access to this special section, please do the following:


1. Send a PM to Mark Kumpf with the information below.

For now, name, title, jurisdiction ( agency, city, state, country) & telephone number info would be appreciated. For those posting under screen names, this information will not be posted publicly. Please DO NOT post your request in an open forum area, use the private message system.

2. Request to join the Animal Control Officers group in your user control panel's Group Memberships section.
In order to keep this area reserved for those "in the business" we need to be able to insure that these are the people posting here - as such, BOTH steps listed above must be completed before you will be granted access to the ACO only section.

Access to the forums area should be pretty prompt (usually no more than 24-48 hours).

For Example, you would PM something like:


Mark Kumpf
Montgomery County Animal Resource Center
Dayton Ohio

Thank you!

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