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cfraser 11-18-2005 06:25 PM

Do you carry a duty bag?
Wondering if any of you carry a duty bag similar to typical LE officers? If so, what do you carry? Where did you get your gear? Any other related info is helpful. Thanks!

Gromlich 11-18-2005 07:32 PM

Duty Bag
I carry a duty bag. It has everything I need other than the catch pole, snappy snare and carriers. I never have the same truck every day So I stay prepared and tote a heavy bag in the front seat with everything needed.

Caninelaw 11-18-2005 10:10 PM

I've got one. I carry extra report forms, misc. info (dog & wildlife ID books, animal laws books, etc.), extra cites, extra batteries, aspirin, a sewing kit, extra pens, a spotting scope, a night vision scope, a tire gauge, and probably a couple things I've forgotten about.

skeets 11-18-2005 10:24 PM

Duty Bag
I carry the same stuff in my duty bag except the sewing kit, lol. I was trained by one of the finest ACO's in Southern Calif and he advised me to carry extra stuff because you never know when you need it.

Officer487 11-19-2005 12:23 AM

I am one of the few Officers in my division that carries a duty bag (as we have to pay for them ourselves). I carry all related regulations, VT Books, etc. And the main difference between those Officers who carry a duty bag and those who don't. Those that do are ready and equipped to deal with almost everything that comes our way. And I am never scrambling for a pen...

LiHammy 11-19-2005 12:35 PM

always a good idea
As time goes by and you go out on more and more calls you'll make a wish list of things that you'll need. In my bag like every one else i have extra forms, flashlight and batt., rope, leashes, food and water, duct tape, small tool kit, clean shirt. my bag get's bigger every day i go out.

cfraser 11-19-2005 01:43 PM

Thanks for the info! Glad to know as I enter this profession that I seem to be on the right wave length. Any more items that I should include? I don't mind paying for them myself really...better safe and well prepared than sorry. For those of you in the Orange County, CA area feel free to email me so I can pick your brain a bit more! Thanks!

AnimalCop_83 11-19-2005 02:33 PM

We are lucky enough to have our own vans!!!! So mine is equipped with everything I need for containing animals, including blankets, food, bags, extra leashes, bowls and all the poles and stuff I need. In the front I have a plastic file tub that holds all my paper I need, followups, postings, brochures, vet forms, etc. Works very well, but like I said we have our own vans.

stmelangell 11-21-2005 03:13 AM

inventory of bag
Here's my list of stuff I carry, and the whole "bag getting bigger every day" thing is really getting ridiculous. I'm thinking of stripping back down to Leatherman, netcutter, and camera ... :D

Purse: Cell phone (personal); camera, spare batteries, and memory; a pocket level for camera, palm pilot, blank notebook, spare pens cause I'm always losing the one in my pocket.

Belt: portable radio/holder, mini-maglite, super-cool folding netcutter, Leatherman (I use a cheap rip-off because I lose them too fast for them to break down :) ), Streamlite & holder, key holder & Big Bunch O'Keys.

Gearbag-of-a-Thousand-Pockets: ASP and holder (my calls are usually pretty peaceful but sometimes I put it on before I leave the truck if I think I'll need it), more spare pens. Magnetic very bright flashlight to stick to top of compartments cause our compartment lights are crap (for those late-night diagnoses and field euthanasias). Technu, Arniflora, eye-drops. Meds and collapsible cup (carpal tunnel gimp). Dental floss, collapsible hairbrush, hairclips. Emergen-C (and if you've never had this stuff you need to go to your nearest Trader Joe's and get some RIGHT NOW). Chapstick. Sugar packets and distilled water (for hummingbirds, if they've been stuck more than an hour). Salt packets (for self, addicted to french fries). UFS (unmentionable female stuff). Shears (those cool Chinese ones that cut all kinds of stuff), and spare razor and tile-cutting blades (for my super-cool netcutter). Tourniquet and stethescope. Tangle o'leashes. My favorite leather gloves, which now have a big ole tear in them from the latest opossum rescue. (o, what to do? love those gloves ...) In the "Office" pocket, tape recorder, measuring tape, mini-stapler, staples, tape, whiteout tape, highlighter, mini-ruler, paperclips & rubberbands, spare stethescope parts (oops, wait, those should be in the stethescope pocket. However did they get here?) .

Truck: We change our trucks daily. Things I make sure are in it: cell phone (theirs), lots of dark towels, shotpole, catchpole (of course), critter bedding and boxes, thick padding for noisy/rattly compartments (so wildlife survives shock of transport and makes it to hospital), skunk/snake bucket, sheets (tying up dead deer in them is easier for gimplike self to winch into truck), drug box & supplies, antibactierial slather for deer/other animals trapped in fences, antibacterial gel for me, kleenex.

Darzee 11-22-2005 11:06 PM

Bless my duty bag. Gotta love those pockets and compartments. I'm Ms. Hyper-organized so I love my duty bag. In it you'll find:

Copies of by-laws to handout to dog owners
The actual by-law (with sticky flags for well used pages)
Maps of off-leash parks to hand out to dog owners
Rope leash
Map of the Native Indian Reservation marked with problem dog houses
Lined paper pad
Ticket book/Notice book/Receipt book
Old ticket books (reference)
Street map (well pawed through and coffee stained)
Impound forms/statement forms/more forms and some further forms.
MANY pens
Ppencil case with paper clips, tape, white out tape, sticky flags, rubber bands, pencils, extra pens, binder clips (also useful to clip to the seatbelt in the truck when the seatblet goes right across my, um, chest and at certain times of the month said chest area is very sensitive to pressure...if you are female you'll get this).
Lip balm (several kinds as these go astray like pens)
Hand lotion
Anti bacterial hand wipes
Extra hair clips
Gloves (leather and disposable)
Business cards
Crow kits (we wrap and freeze crow specimens for testing)
Lipstick (in case of police call and attending cop is cute...has yet to happen, but I'm keeping the lipstick in there just in case)
Minty gum (similar reason as above)

And that's just the duty bag. I also bring my purse with all its necessities. It weighs about 8 lbs and yes, I NEED everything in there .

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