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Mark Kumpf 10-10-2006 12:49 AM

Cats Cats Cats
In my spare time

I advise in the Ask the ACO section....

Lots of great cat info!

Sunny 10-10-2006 06:45 PM

Thanks a bunch Mark

Sunny :pawprint:

carrie_cat 10-10-2006 08:15 PM

Re: Cats Cats Cats

Originally Posted by Mark Kumpf
In my spare time

I advise in the Ask the ACO section....

Lots of great cat info!

You've been missed over there, Mark -- nice to know you're still checking in when you can.

carrie_cat 10-10-2006 08:22 PM

PetsMart Webinars YEAH!!!!
Does everyone else here know about these? You don't have to have travel money, you don't need any fancy computer equipment, you just lsign up, log in, dial up, and listen and occasionally vote or chat about the subject. I took another one today, on cat identification (markings, body shapes, personalities). These are really, really excellent and practical, but I don't often see many animal control folks in the audiences.

Kit Jenkins, who led this session, is a great teacher (I think she used to teach professionally) and knows a ton about shelter work and about cats and the webinars are offered entirely for free. You can't beat this deal.

Here's a link for the webinar schedule and signup page:
PETsMART Charities WebEx Enterprise Site

Oh, and you can play any of the recorded webinars and learn a lot from them, too, the only real difference is that you can't interact with other attenders or the presenter.

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